7 Essential Travel Resources For Your Next Road Trip

Did you know that some UV rays can get through your windshield and car windows? Sunscreen blocks these dangerous rays, which helps keep skin healthy and slows down the aging process.

Sun care

There's no doubt that music will be played when you plan to be in the car for a long time. Check out the millions of hand-picked tracks that are available on streaming services. Get one that fits your style, and then you can cross this job off the list.


A car trip isn't complete without snacks. The key is to pack things that are easy to get to. Look around the food store for things that are made to fit in kids' lunchboxes.


Get this "just in case" tool for every trip. It keeps you ready for anything. A "medicine cabinet on the go" keeps all the important things in one place so you are always ready.

Medicine cabinet on the go

When devices are charged, customers are happy. With social media apps and downloaded TV shows and movies, our phones and computers give us access to a huge library of entertainment.

Phone/tablet chargers

If you need a pick-me-up but coffee isn't working, try a Neutrogena® face cleansing towelette. They do more than take off makeup!

Cleansing towelettes

There will be times when long trips in the car get boring. This is when you'll need that deck of cards, UNO, or a portable form of your favorite board game.