7 Tall Houseplants That Will Add Drama to Your Interior

The standard pathos plant hangs from a pot, "but if you grow it upward, this vine can as tall as you ll let it," explains Costa Farms horticulture Justin Hancock. It reaches 30 feet in tropical outdoor gardens.

Global Green Pothos

Hancock advises pruning this stunning dark green vine. "If you allow it to climb, it will grow as tall as you let it," explains. "Besides its size, this houseplant is known for its fenestrated leaves.


Snake plants for beginners are drought-tolerant and hardy in low light.Although snake plants require little care, they keep growing.

Snake Plant

Though this plant isn't new or trendy, Hancock loves it for its ease. It's beautifully tolerant if you forget to water it as long as it gets good light. 


When bought in-store, this tropical plant is 36 48 inches tall but can grow to 60 inches. Hancock says a central trunk produces paddle-shaped, 24-inch leaves.

White Bird of Paradise

That s where my biggest one lives, at 11 feet and counting, adds. While this philodendron is longer than tall, it's easy to hang along a wall, filling up your room's vertical area and more.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Watch your money tree quadruple in size growing up to 6 feet tall over time. "It grows quickly under ideal conditions. I like its hand-shaped leaves they're different from other houseplants 

Money Tree