7 Toughest Animals That Will Do Anything To Survive

Polar Bears

Polar bears, the Arctic's top predators, use their swimming skills to hunt seals. Their insulating fur and fat layer keep them warm, while their white coat camouflages them in the snow.


Savanna giants giraffes use their long necks to reach plants beyond other herbivores, maintaining a stable food supply. Their specialised cardiovascular system controls blood pressure.


Axolotls, known for their extraordinary regenerative abilities, may regrow limbs, heart tissue, and brain portions, providing vital inspiration for human medical advances. 


Camels can go without water for lengthy periods, demonstrating their desert survival skills. Fat on their humps stores water and energy during droughts. They conquer dry settings.

African Elephants

African elephants, the largest terrestrial mammals, survive in the wild with their extraordinary memory and intelligence. They use their excellent recall to find waterholes across seasons across large areas. 


Fast, reaching 75 mph in short runs, cheetahs may catch elusive prey, but they need to recover after overheating. With big nasal openings and long tails for balance, their sleek, aerodynamic forms are designed for speed. 

Kangaroo Rats

Kangaroo rats, adapted to desert environment, get all their water from their seed-based diet thanks to efficient kidneys and nocturnal lifestyle. Their large hind legs let them leap, dodging predators and foraging.