7 Underrated Places To Visit In Brazil

Curitiba, Paraná

An overlooked city perfect for art, architecture, and culture lovers. Known for sustainability practices, it offers attractions like the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Lençóis Park, Maranhão

A remote park with white sand dunes divided by turquoise lagoons, creating a surreal landscape. It's difficult to access, but offers unforgettable vistas.

Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina, Bahia

A national park known for its natural wonders like Pai Inácio Mount and Fumacinha Waterfall. Ideal for nature enthusiasts seeking to explore caverns.

Fortaleza, Ceará

A lesser-known city with miles of beaches, each with a unique vibe. Popular among Brazilians, it offers vibrant nightlife, upscale amenities, picturesque fishing boats.

Paraty, Costa Verde

A colonial town with cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and beautiful beaches. Known for its well-preserved architecture, local seafood delicacies.

João Pessoa, Paraíba

An underrated beach spot with fewer crowds, stunning sunrises, and sunsets. Near the easternmost point of the Americas, it offers snorkeling in natural pools and mesmerizing sunsets.

Fernando de Noronha

A remote, stunning archipelago off Brazil's coast with 21 islands. It offers breathtaking scenery, adventure, and relaxation, featuring cliffs, foliage, and a marine sanctuary ideal.