8 Behaviors That Make Someone Really Uncomfortable to Be Around

All They Do Is Complain

You may feel trapped in a negative cycle while dealing with a chronic complainer. Every talk becomes a list of problems, with no opportunity for positives.

They re Selfish

When someone always puts themselves first without considering others' needs or feelings, it can cause imbalance in relationships.

They Lack Empathy

We need empathy to comprehend and share others' sentiments in our relationships. Lack of empathy can make someone look detached from others' emotions.

They re Arrogant

Arrogance always irritates people. When someone seems so sure they reject everyone else, it completely imbalances your interactions.

They Lack Consideration For Other People

Interrupting, not listening, or being disrespectful can make hanging out less enjoyable.

They Don t Respect Other People

Respect binds our social interactions. It's shocking and insulting when someone demonstrates disdain through words or deeds.

They Lack Social Awareness

Social awareness involves reading the room and fitting in with diverse social situations.

They Criticize Every Little Thing

Being with someone who continually criticizes is hard. They are great at criticizing others and never offering praise.