8 Best Exercises for Every Muscle, According to Science

Start by putting a cable machine in front of you and standing tall. Check to see that the pulley is in the highest position. With both hands, hold the cable attachment with the palms facing each other, your arms out in front of you, and your elbows slightly bent.

High-to-Low Cable Fly

Sometimes the best way to target the pecs is to go for the basic flat barbell bench press. Forget about the outdated exercise plan; a low-incline or decline setup is more appropriate for targeting the sternal and clavicular pectoralis muscles since proper bench pressing form requires arching your back!

Low Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

This complex workout is a triple wallop, targeting the lats, traps, and rhomboids all at the same time! Pull-ups strengthen your entire body, enhance your posture, and enable you to complete your workout more quickly than before. This time-tested and proven classic exercise will have you ready to see results quickly!


Heels-Elevated Dumbbell Squats will help you improve your squat technique. Dumbbells provide an extra layer of resistance that elevates this exercise from average to exceptional, while still allowing you to effectively target and build your quadriceps.

Heels-Elevated Dumbbell Squats

Are you ready to shape and fortify those buns? You only need to look at the hip thrust exercise! You can sculpt strong glutes like a master sculptor with a simple yet incredibly efficient move with your hips. This reliable exercise is a guaranteed method to develop larger buttocks, regardless of whether you utilize body weight or add weights.

Hip Thrust

Nordic hip hinge exercises are a useful method for increasing the size and strength of the hamstring muscle group, according to a study. By teaching the body to manage the eccentric part of the movement, this exercise helps the hip joint's range of motion.

Nordic Hip Hinge

The dumbbell skull crusher is the perfect workout if you want to scorch your shoulders, triceps, and biceps like never before. Even so, you can use tools to develop that core strength and balance.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher

Desire toned and contoured shoulders? The Lean Away Cable Lateral Raise is here to help, so forget about conventional lateral rises! This cunning exercise effectively recruits more muscle fibers for a full-body workout, working all of your shoulder muscles at once. 

Lean Away Cable Lateral Raise