8 Casseroles You'll Want to Make It Forever

Creamy Mushroom, Chicken & Asparagus Bake:

A comforting casserole featuring mushrooms, asparagus, chicken, and brown rice in a creamy Parmesan cheese sauce, perfect for using up leftover ingredients.

Loaded Cauliflower Casserole:

Transforms cauliflower with bacon, sour cream, and sharp Cheddar cheese into a flavorful side dish that makes vegetables irresistible.

Greek Tuna Casserole:

A twist on the classic tuna casserole with additions like eggplant, artichoke hearts, oregano, olives, and feta cheese for a Mediterranean-inspired flavor profile.

Quick King Ranch Chicken Casserole:

Tex-Mex flavors come alive in this easy skillet casserole with creamy chicken and tortillas topped with melted cheese under the broiler.

Spiralized Zucchini & Summer Squash Casserole:

Utilizes spiralized zucchini and summer squash, or "zoodles", filled with ricotta and basil, broiled to a golden perfection for a healthy and light dish.

Two-Bean Enchilada Casserole:

A comforting Mexican dish made easy for busy nights, layered with beans, enchilada sauce, and cheese, baked to perfection.

Cauliflower Casserole with Everything Bagel Seasoning:

Features a cheesy and seedy crust reminiscent of everything bagels, making it a hearty side dish or holiday favorite.

Tamari-Ginger Meatball & Eggplant Casserole:

An Asian-inspired casserole where eggplant absorbs ginger, garlic, and tamari flavors, topped with a touch of heat from hot peppers or sweetness for milder palates.