8 Classic Swedish Recipes You ll Love

Old-Fashioned Gingersnaps

Since I discovered this dish years ago, our family and friends have loved it. Gingersnaps a seasonal favorite are welcome year-round.

Swedish Creme

I adapted my mother's Swedish krem recipe into this creamy treat. It tastes slightly almondy and looks great with red berries on top. Serve it in occasion-appropriate glasses.

Swedish Apple Pie

Every piece of this rich Swedish apple pie is infused with handmade taste. This is a great treat to have after dinner or as a snack with coffee.

Mom's Potato Pancakes

These classic pancakes have a crispy top and a fluffy inside. Onion provides a pleasant taste. We've been enjoying this recipe for years because Mom acquired it from Grandma.

Quick Cream of Mushroom Soup

Gourmet chef daughter-in-law served this cream of mushroom soup as the first course for a holiday dinner. Her mom gave her the recipe, which she generously shared. 

Swedish Rye Bread

This dish was passed down to me by my mother, and it has since become a favorite among my family. You can create a dinner out of it by combining it with a salad and soup.

Swedish Rice Ring

This recipe, which was originally developed in Sweden, is extremely well-known among our neighbors in Minnesota who attend church dinners.

Swedish Meatballs

Mom prepared this Swedish meatball recipe for a variety of family dinners, including potluck suppers, PTA meetings, and other gatherings.