8 Cutest Ways to Style a Curly Ponytail

A curly hair ponytail combined with a styled braid is the ideal look if you love the fishtail but want to give your hair a bit more flexibility.

Ponytail with a Braided Element

You could make this your go-to look because it's so simple! Pull hair back into a low ponytail, allowing strands to cascade down the sides. 

Low Messy Ponytail

This gorgeous poofy style is made just the right amount formal with a wrap around and side bangs. 

Poofy Ponytail with Bump

For a gorgeous look, consider double braiding instead of the typical French braid. The top of the ponytail is adorned with four twisted braids.

Double Braided Wrap Around Ponytail

A magnificent waterfall of curls flows from the gorgeous mane, which is carelessly pulled to the side. This hairdo exudes sophistication. 

Formal Side Pony for Brunettes

Are you wondering how to make a stylish yet practical hairstyle? To remove any tangles, give your hair a quick brush down.

Bouffant Ponytail for Long Hair

For a wavy hairstyle, turn on a curling wand. Idea: add extensions to make it longer and more voluminous.

Huge Hair Wrap and Long Curls

Here's what to do: locate a tie, then use your fingers rather than a brush to gather all of your hair into a casual high ponytail.

High and Tousled Hairstyle