8 ways to make road trips less painful

Write out a to-do list

List all the activities and songs you can think of to play and sing while traveling, in addition to everything you need to bring and finish.

Start calm and carry on

Try to lull your children into a contemplative state before you leave. Keep everything calm and subdued.

Be sneaky with snacks

Maintaining the goodies' secrecy will ensure that you never run out of supplies. Try allocating a specific amount of space for each snack in a tackle box, such as one for fishing or candies.

Hire back-seat drivers

Bring the children along for the planning process and show them pictures of the stops along the way.

Pack a bag of tricks

As needed, take out simple craft tools, a new toy, or other objects, making sure they are soft enough and/or able to be fastened.

Get ready for toxic waste

The most disgusting thing to do is remove bodily fluids from a vehicle seat. Put an additional diaper on your infant or toddler if you're concerned about leaks to ensure maximum dryness.

Put a lid on barfing

It happens to puke. Plan ahead by assembling a barf-bag kit. Stock up on hand sanitizer, wipes, and resealable bags that can be stored carefully to prevent them from becoming projectiles in case of an emergency in a sizable covered container.

Plan out the pit stops

There's not much worse than taking off your socks in mid-travel. (Well, perhaps that sandwich without tuna.)