9 Best Workouts for Weight Loss, According to Trainers

Nicole Murray, indoor spin teacher and personal trainer, says this is a full-body, calorie-burning workout.

Jumping Rope

Because they burn many calories quickly, HIIT workouts are beneficial for weight loss.

High-Intensity Interval Training 

Running, cycling, power walking, and enjoyable cardio dance classes are low-intensity cardio activities.

Low-intensity Cardio

Running works your glutes and legs, which are larger muscles, burning more calories


Start with your hands under your shoulder, elevate yourself into a plank with your belly button up and butt out of the air, then alternately drive your knees into your chest.

Mountain Climbers

Cardio is great for burning calories in the moment, but strength increases your metabolism and burns more calories over time

Strength workouts

Chris Pabon, a FlexIt.Fit trainer, thinks yoga is an excellent addition to any workout, even if it doesn't burn fat.


Kettlebell workouts are great for weight loss. You burn a ton of calories while building muscle, which boosts metabolism.

Kettlebell Workout

Burning the right calories is essential for fat loss. It may seem like you need to punch the bag for hours, but even a short exercise may burn calories.