9 Things Tourists Should Never Do When Visiting Europe

Sand Theft in Sardinia

Removing sand, pebbles, or shells can lead to fines up to ¬3,000 under a 2017 law aimed at preserving the island's natural environment.

Counterfeit Goods in France

Bringing fake luxury items can result in fines up to ¬300,000, reflecting stringent enforcement to protect intellectual property rights.

Currency Defacement in Turkey

Tearing or defacing currency may lead to imprisonment for six months to three years, highlighting strict measures to preserve the integrity of the Turkish lira.

Bikinis Off the Beach in Europe

Wearing swimwear on streets can incur fines in Mallorca and Croatian towns to maintain public decency standards beyond beach areas.

Ocean as a Toilet in Portugal

Peeing in the ocean is legally frowned upon due to environmental concerns, although enforcement challenges are evident.

Swimwear Rules in French Pools

Baggy swim trunks aren't allowed; tight-fitting swimsuits required at public pools, aligning with hygiene and safety regulations.

Conduct Fines in Hvar, Croatia

Penalties up to ¬700 for public misconduct like drinking or eating aim to preserve the town's cultural and social decorum.

Selfie Stick Ban in Milan

Selfie sticks, glass bottles, and food trucks are prohibited to curb littering and promote responsible tourism practices in urban areas.

Heel Ban at Greek Archaeological Sites

High heels are prohibited at certain historic sites, including the Acropolis, to prevent damage to delicate ancient structures and pathways.

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