9 Things Tourists Should Never Do When Visiting the US

Tip at Restaurants:

In the US, leaving a tip shows appreciation for service. It's customary to tip around 20% based on satisfaction to acknowledge good service.

Avoid Swimming with Alligators:

Florida's waters host many alligators. Swimming in standing water risks encounters; respect signs and avoid for safety.

Respect Personal Space:

Americans value personal space; maintain distance in public. Avoid prolonged eye contact and respect others' comfort zones.

No Smoking Everywhere:

Many US states prohibit smoking in public places like restaurants and parks. Check local regulations to avoid fines and respect non-smokers.

Don't Drink and Drive:

Drinking and driving laws are strict in the US. The legal limit is 0.08%; avoid hefty penalties, jail, or accidents by not driving intoxicated.

Avoid Over Traveling:

The US is vast; focus on quality over quantity in travel. Prioritize destinations to fully experience without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

No Country Comparisons:

Avoid discussing US superiority over other countries to prevent conflict. Respect cultural pride and focus on enjoying your visit without comparisons.

Check Weather:

Northeast and Midwest sunshine doesn't guarantee warmth. Pack layers; temperatures can vary widely, especially outside summer months.

Follow Rules at Attractions:

Adhere to posted rules at tourist spots for safety and conservation. Stay on designated paths and respect wildlife for a pleasant visit.

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