Best 1950s Men's Hairstyles: 10 Retro Looks to Try Now


A rebellious style popularized by rock 'n' roll icons, requiring daily maintenance for a rugged, "bad boy" appearance.

Widow's Peak

Known for its dramatic flair, this style demands confidence and suits those with a distinctive hairline.

Ivy League

Ideal for a polished, preppy look with a clean-cut finish, achieved using water-based gel for impeccable styling.


A nod to old Hollywood glamour, easy to maintain with a swept-over style that complements different fashion choices.


A voluminous choice gaining modern popularity, styled by brushing hair upwards and complemented by a taper fade for a sleek finish.


Inspired by the King himself, characterized by voluminous top and slicked sides, exuding a regal vibe.

Flat Top

Defined by its high, smooth top, best suited for voluminous hair textures, making a bold statement with its distinctive shape.


Quintessential to the era, adaptable to various hair lengths, achieved by combing hair to the side and lifting the bangs for added volume.

Crew Cut

A timeless military-inspired style, featuring faded sides for a neat, low-maintenance alternative to more elaborate '50s looks.

Side Part

Universally flattering, from musicians to professionals, achieved by combing hair to one side, offering versatility with gel or a natural finish.

10 of the best 50s hairstyles for a vintage feel