How to Apply Fake Nails Truly Couldn't Be Any Easier

Take off your old polish and/or nails

If you want to put on fake nails, you have to take off your old paint, even if it's clear. The fake nails won't stick as well if you have old paint on your nails.

Soak your nails

You can keep your nails healthy and make sure the fake nails last as long as possible by giving yourself a quick manicure before putting them on.

Trim and file your nails

Cut your nails straight across with a nail cutter or nail scissors. Cut them short, but not all the way to the quick. You want a little edge to help the fake nails stick.

Lay out your fake nails

Take the nails out of the package and arrange them on the table in the order you will use them. The fake nails that are the biggest will go on your thumbs, and the ones that are the smallest will go on them.

Apply the nails

Put some glue on your real nail and some on the part of the fake nail that will stick to you (not the part that will stick out). Involve both of them.

File the nails into your desired shape

You can make them into any shape you want with a normal nail file. The most common shapes are square and oval. You don't have to file your nails.

Paint your nails

Some fake nails already have patterns on them, but if yours are plain, you could add some extra style. A few coats of pretty paint are the best way to go for a classic look.