How to Create a Fresh and Glowy Makeup Look in 6 Easy Steps

According to New Jersey-based beauty artist Nydia Figueroa, "skin prep is the first step to glowing skin to assure that your base is glowing and hydrated before makeup application."

"To give your skin a natural glow, start with a lightweight skin tint," advises New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Sarah Egan. Since skin tints tend to be lighter than foundation formulas and let some of your real skin shine through, I enjoy them for a glowy appearance.

Probably the most crucial and most often messed up step in mastering the flawless, dewy makeup look. Pay attention to the texture, color, and application method.

Egan, who adores Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, says, "Add a bit of cream or liquid blush to the apples of your cheek for a glowy, fresh look because they make skin look like it is flushed naturally."

"Think effortless and radiant for a fresh, glowing makeup look eyes should enhance rather than overpower," advises Giglio. She advises against using any shadow at all and instead recommending a matte hue that closely matches your skin tone applied all over your lid.

"Healthy, full lips with a great shine are essential for a fresh, glowy makeup look," advises Egan. She suggests using lip oil or a clear, barely tinted gloss to finish the look.

To maintain harmony in the overall look, pick a hue that complements the cheek color you applied and is in the same color family.