The 7 Most Visited Cities In The World Travel Locations World

It is well known that Temple Street Night Market and bespoke tailors are two of the most popular shopping destinations in Hong Kong.

1. Hong Kong, China with 27.880 million tourists per year

Bangkok is known for its Buddhist sites, street shopping, and delicious food. It is also a global hub and the gateway to the rest of Asia.

2. Bangkok, Thailand with 22.453 million tourists per year

You can always see Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and more in London.

3. London, UK with 19.827 million tourists per year

It has the most Instagrammable hotel in the world, a great mix of countries, and cutting-edge restaurants.

4. Singapore, Singapore with 17.618 million tourists per year

Macau is known as the "Las Vegas of Asia" because it is such a famous place for casinos.

5. Macau, China with 17.337 million tourists per year

There will always be a lot of people who want to go on vacation to the City of Love. The Eiffel Tower and great food are its main draws.

6. Paris, France with 15.834 million tourists per year 

Dubai is a new tourist destination that has a high-class feel with its fancy resorts, museums, and shopping malls.

7. Dubai, UAE with 15.790 million tourists per year