Top 10 Stylish Short Beard Hairstyles

Sideways Medium Quiff and Mid-Faced Beard

This style features a medium to long quiff combed to one side with a subtle fade on the sides. It's a blend of elegance and sophistication.

Long and Messy Hair Over the Forehead

This hairstyle combines a rebellious and orderly vibe. It’s longer than medium length and falls disorderly over the forehead and ears. 

High Quiff Combed Backwards with Dark Fade

Ideal for detail-oriented men, this style features a high quiff combed backwards with a dark fade on the sides. 

Classic Cut with a Modern Touch

Perfect for those with thick and strong hair, this cut features a medium-height quiff with a side part. The beard connects with the sideburns, adding a masculine touch. 

Freefall Mane with Bangs Over the Face

This cut offers a carefree appearance with layered front parts forming bangs. It pairs well with a short beard for contrast, expressing a bohemian

Buzz Cut and Matching Beard Length

Suitable for oval-shaped faces, this style features a uniform buzz cut with a slight fade on the sides. The beard is trimmed to the same length

Long on Top Parted to the Side with High Arch

This haircut balances youth and elegance with long hair on top parted to one side and a high arch fade. The beard should follow the natural face shape

Pulled Back Mane in a Bun Over the Back of the Neck

A neat mane pulled back into a central bun at the back of the neck. It’s ideal for formal events and pairs well with a neatly cut beard following the natural lines of the face.

Tall Faux-Hawk Extending Down the Neck

Perfect for men with thick hair, this style features a tall faux-hawk with faded sides. The crest is higher at the front, dipping down the back of the neck. 

Classic Dark French Cut

This elegant style features long, slightly wavy hair combed sideways with no visible part. The sides are fadeless, and the short beard 

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