Top 9 nature based preschool in usa for toddlers

Tinkergarten offers outdoor classes nationwide, focusing on play-based learning in natural settings. It promotes physical, cognitive, and social development.


Located in Vashon, Washington, Cedarsong Nature School emphasizes outdoor, child-led learning. Its immersive, nature-based curriculum.

Cedarsong Nature School

Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, Acorn Hill combines Waldorf education principles with nature-based learning.

Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten and Nursery

Situated in Seattle, Washington, Fiddleheads Forest School operates within the Washington Park Arboretum. Its curriculum focuses on nature.

Fiddleheads Forest School

Located in Los Altos, California, Nature Nuts offers a forest school program that emphasizes outdoor learning. Children explore local parks and nature.

Nature Nuts Forest School

Magnolia Forest Preschool in Seattle, Washington, provides a forest school experience. Its curriculum includes outdoor play, nature walks.

Magnolia Forest Preschool

In Yellow Springs, Ohio, Antioch School offers a Forest Kindergarten program. Children spend most of their time outdoors.

Antioch School Forest Kindergarten

Located in Canton, New York, Little River Community School integrates nature-based learning into its curriculum. Children engage in outdoor activities.

Little River Community School

With multiple locations in Seattle, Washington, Tiny Trees Preschool offers outdoor classrooms in public parks.

Tiny Trees Preschool